Why conferences are great. (As if you didn’t already know!)

A really good conference is a great thing. You meet new people, reconnect with old friends, learn new things, and I think most importantly, talk to people who are legitimately interested in your research. <- This is the best part, especially when you are in a small biology department with few others who share your excitement for bee social evolution.

This year’s CSEE conference in Saskatoon was just that. It was the perfect size: not so small that you ran out of people to talk to, not so large that you were totally overwhelmed. Lots of talks that were right up my alley, but also some that made me branch out a bit. Friendly people that wanted to talk to you about your research and tell you about theirs. The University of Saskatchewan campus is beautiful, and Saskatoon is a really pretty city! (I must admit, I thought it would be flat and boring…I was wrong!) It may have helped that there wasn’t a single cloud the entire time I was there.

Now, back to data analysis!

2015-05-23 17.05.03
Lovely spot to listen to the plenary lectures.
View of downtown Saskatoon from the U of S campus.
View of down town Saskatoon from the U of S campus.

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